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MediCo. - Health And Body HTML Template


MediCo. - Health And Body HTML Template

This documentation is last updated on 19 July 2021.

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Folder Directories -

  • images

    This folder contains all the images of MediCo HTML template.

  • css

    This folder contains all the CSS files of MediCo HTML template.

  • js

    This folder has all javascript files for various template features.

  • fonts

    This folder has all fonts used in the template.

  • script

    This folder has contact form used in the template.

  • plugins

    This folder has plugins used in the template.

Html File -

  • index.html

    Home page variation

  • index-2.html

    Home page variation 2

  • index-3.html

    Home page variation 3

  • index-4.html

    Home page variation 4

  • index-5.html

    Home page variation 5

  • index-6.html

    Home page variation 6

  • index-7.html

    Home page variation 7

  • about-1.html

    About page variation 1

  • about-2.html

    About page variation 2

  • blog-grid-2.html

    Blog Grid 2 page

  • blog-grid-2-sidebar.html

    Blog grid 2 with sidebar page

  • blog-grid-2-sidebar-left.html

    Blog grid 2 with left sidebar page

  • blog-grid-3.html

    blog grid 3 page

  • blog-grid-3-sidebar.html

    Blog grid 3 with sidebar page

  • blog-grid-3-sidebar-left.html

    Blog grid 3 with left sidebar page

  • blog-grid-4.html

    Blog grid 4 page

  • blog-half-img.html

    Blog half image page

  • blog-half-img-left-sidebar.html

    Blog half image with left sidebar page

  • blog-half-img-sidebar.html

    Blog half image with sidebar page

  • blog-large-img.html

    Blog large image page

  • blog-large-img-left-sidebar.html

    Blog large image left sidebar page

  • blog-large-img-sidebar.html

    Blog large image with sidebar page

  • blog-single.html

    Blog single on sidebar page

  • blog-single-left-sidebar.html

    Blog single with left sidebar page

  • blog-single-sidebar.html

    Blog single with sidebar

  • career.html


  • contact.html

    Contact page variation 1

  • contact-2.html

    Contact page variation 2

  • contact-3.html

    Contact page variation 3

  • contact-4.html

    Contact page variation 4

  • error-403.html

    Error 403 page

  • error-404.html

    Error 404 page

  • error-405.html

    Error 405 page

  • faq-1.html

    Faq page variation 1

  • faq-2.html

    Faq page variation 2

  • footer-1.html

    footer variation 1

  • footer-2.html

    footer variation 2

  • footer-3.html

    footer variation 3

  • footer-4.html

    footer variation 4

  • footer-5.html

    footer variation 5

  • footer-6.html

    footer variation 6

  • footer-7.html

    footer variation 7

  • footer-8.html

    footer variation 8

  • footer-9.html

    footer variation 9

  • footer-10.html

    footer variation 10

  • gallery-grid-2.html

    Gallery grid 2 page

  • gallery-grid-3.html

    Gallery grid 3 page

  • gallery-grid-4.html

    Gallery grid 4 page

  • header-style-1.html

    Header variation 1

  • header-style-2.html

    Header variation 2

  • header-style-3.html

    Header variation 3

  • header-style-4.html

    Header variation 4

  • header-style-5.html

    Header variation 5

  • header-style-6.html

    Header variation 6

  • portfolio-1.html

    Portfolio variation 1

  • portfolio-2.html

    Portfolio variation 2

  • portfolio-3.html

    Portfolio variation 3

  • product.html

    Product page

  • portfolio-details.html

    Portfolio details page

  • services-1.html

    Company Services page variation 1

  • services-2.html

    Company Services page variation 2

  • services-3.html

    Company Services page variation 3

  • shortcode-accordians.html

    Accordians page

  • shortcode-alert-box.html

    Alert box page

  • shortcode-all-widgets.html

    All widgets page

  • shortcode-buttons.html

    Buttons page

  • shortcode-carousel-sliders.html

    Carousel sliders page

  • shortcode-counters.html

    Counters page

  • shortcode-dividers.html

    Devider page

  • shortcode-icon-box.html

    Icon box with content page

  • shortcode-icon-box-styles.html

    Icon box with content styles page

  • shortcode-image-box-content.html

    Images box content page

  • shortcode-images-effects.html

    Images effects page

  • shortcode-list-group.html

    List groups page

  • shortcode-pricing-table.html

    Pricing table page

  • shortcode-tabs.html

    Tabs page

  • shortcode-testimonials.html

    Testimonials page

  • shortcode-title-separators.html

    Separators page

  • shortcode-magnific-popup.html

    Magnific popup Gallery page

  • shortcode-light-box.html

    Light Gallery page

  • shortcode-toggles.html

    Toggles page

  • who-we-are.html

    Who we are page

CSS Files -

  • coming-soon.css

  • plugins.css

  • style.css

  • style.min.css

  • templete.css

  • templete.min.css

Skin Css

  • skin-1.css

    This CSS use in color Blue

  • skin-2.css

    This CSS use in color Blue 2

  • skin-3.css

    This CSS use in color Powder Blue 3

  • skin-4.css

    This CSS use in color Light Blue 4

  • skin-5.css

    This CSS use in color Red

  • skin-6.css

    This CSS use in color Purple

  • skin-7.css

    This CSS use in color Orange

  • skin-8.css

    This CSS use in color Green

All Css

  • all.css

    @import all css into one


  • bootstrap.min.css


  • bootstrap-select.min.css


  • bootstrap-select.min.css


  • flaticon.css


  • font-awesome.min.css


  • fontawesome-all.css


  • fontawesome-all.min.css


  • magnific-popup.css


  • owl.carousel.css


  • scrollbar.css


  • lightgallery.css


  • lightgallery.min.css


  • themify-icons.css


JavaScript Files -

  • custom.min.js

  • custom.min.js

  • dz.ajax.js

  • dz.carousel.js

  • dz.carousel.min.js

  • jquery.min.js

  • rev.slider.js


  • bootstrap.min.js


  • bootstrap-select.min.js


  • popper.min.js


  • bootstrap-select.min.js


  • jquery.bootstrap-touchspin.js


  • jquery.countdown.js


  • counterup.min.js


  • waypoints-min.js


  • fontawesome-all.js


  • fontawesome-all.min.js


  • imagesloaded.js


  • magnific-popup.js


  • masonry.filter.js


  • masonry-3.1.4.js


  • owl.carousel.js


  • scrollbar.min.js


  • lightgallery.js


  • lightgallery-all.min.js


Basic HTML Structure -

HTML Structure


Header Section


Slider Structure


Footer Section


Footer Essentials


Countdown -


Contact Form Handler -


Admin & Dashboard -


This section guides you to install all required software and libraries in order to fully utilize Metronic for your proje

Install Node.js

Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js is required in order to run the Metronic build tools. Download the latest version of Node and install it:

Update your NPM

Npm is the package manager for JavaScript and the world’s largest software registry. Npm is a separate project from Node.js, and tends to update more frequently. As a result, even if you’ve just downloaded Node.js (and therefore npm), you’ll probably need to update your npm.

npm install --global npm@latest

Install all dependencies

If you want to update or develop this theme, you need to install all dependencies by running:

npm install

Medical Dashboard

Patient Dashboard

Doctor Dashboard



Register your website and get Secret Key.

Very first thing you need to do is register your website on Google recaptcha to do that click here.

Login to your Google account and submit the form.


Once submit, Google will provide you following two information.

  • Site key
  • Secret key

Integrate Google reCAPTCHA in your website.

To integrate it into your website you need to put it in client side as well as in Server side. In client HTML page you need to integrate this line before HEADtag.


And to show the widget into your form you need to put this below contact form, comment form etc.


When the form get submit to Server, this script will send ‘g-recaptcha-response’ as a POST data. You need to verify it in order to see whether user has checked the Captcha or not.

Sample project

Here is the HTML code for the simple form with comment box and submit button. On submit of this form we will use PHP in back-end to do the Google reCAPTCHA validation.


This will generate this form.


On server side i am using PHP for now. So on Form submit request we will check the POST variable.


try out the demo to see how it works.

MailChimp -

MailChimp is an email marketing service, helps to manage the subscribers of your website. MailChimp provides an easy way to integrate email signup form in your website and send the email newsletter to the subscriber. Beside the premium plan MailChimp also has a forever free plan. Using the free plan, you can add up to 2,000 subscribers to MailChimp and send 12,000 emails per month to the subscriber.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to integrate newsletter subscription form in your website and add subscriber to list with MailChimp using PHP. We’ll use MailChimp API 3.0 and PHP to add subscriber to list without confirmation email.

To integrate MailChimp API in PHP you need a MailChimp API Key and List ID where you want to add members. Before you begin, sign up for a MailChimp account and follow the below steps to get API Key and List ID.

Creating API Key and List ID

Get API Key:

1. Login to your MailChimp account.

2. Under the user menu dropdown at the top left side, click on Account link.


3. Go to the Extras » API Keys from the top navigation menu.


Under the Your API keys section, create an API Key by clicking on Create A Key button. Once generated, copy API key for later use in PHP script.


Get List ID:

1. Choose a list in which all the subscriber’s information would be stored. In that case, you need to create a list in the Lists page.


Enter into your created list and navigate to Settings » List name and campaign defaults.


Under the List ID label you will find the List ID. Copy List ID for later use in PHP script.


In our example script, a simple newsletter subscription form will be implemented. Once the user submits the subscription form along with the details (First Name, Last Name, and Email), respective details would be added to the list of MailChimp account using MailChimp API and PHP. Also, the subscriber would be able to receive the newsletter of your website via MailChimp.

Subscription Form (index.php)

The index.php file contains the custom subscription form HTML. The subscriber needs to enter their First Name, Last Name, and Email. By clicking on SUBSCRIBE button, the form will submit to the action.php file for adding the subscriber to the MailChimp subscriber list.


Add subscriber to MailChimp List (action.php)

In the action.php file, subscription form data is received and send the subscriber details to the MailChimp using MailChimp API and PHP. To Use MailChimp API, you need to mention API Key and List ID. Insert the API Key and List ID which you’ve got in the previous step.

Here cURL is used to send an HTTP POST request to the List Members endpoint with member information. After adding the subscriber to MailChimp list, the call returns a response. Based on the response ($httpCode) , the status message would be shown to the subscriber.

To add a subscriber, you must include the subscriber’s status in your JSON object. If you include the subscriber’s status subscribed , subscriber email address would be added right away without sending a confirmation email. Use pending status to send a confirmation email to subscriber.


This example code helps to add subscribers to mailChimp list from the website through custom subscription form. You can see the added subscriber’s list from MilChimp account. Login to your MailChimp account and go to the subscriber’s list, you’ll see the newly added subscribers in the list.

AddThis -

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16 16

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